Centralized Hybrid Hot Water System

100L 150L 200L 300L 500L

Centralized Hybrid Hot Water System

The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System features the same benefits of a heat pump with an added advantage of a new and improved heat transfer technology.

12 Volt DC Operated: Very low initial investment for wiring and reduced energy loading for the building, running on 2.4 to 4.5 amps.

Suitable for any building: Unlike conventional solar systems, our modular system can fit into any indoor or outdoor corner within the building such as the roof, attic, air-conditioner ledge and basement.

Suitable for any weather conditions: The SEERS’s DC powered system works in any weather conditions even in extreme cold temperatures.

Guaranteed performance of hot water supply: The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System produces consistent hot water temperatures throughout the day and night, regardless of weather conditions.

Finger-tip programmable temperature control: Adjustable temperature control up to 98°C offering a data support network through normal building management systems.

No heating elements: The system is 100% safe as there is no heating element in contact with the water. The system is highly versatile as there is no need for a backup booster.

No Compressor: The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System is a non-mechanical driven system that saves on maintenance and mechanical parts like hermetic compressors and valves.

Size Availability: Available in 5 sizes (100L, 150L, 200L, 300L & 500L), the SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System is suitable for any locations: residential, condominium, hotel, spa, hospital and commercial. The modular system can even be installed in series and up-graded to meet your hot water requirements.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Sustains Energy: Energy is extracted from the surrounding air
  • Conserves the Environment: The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System restores cool air into the environment.
  • Saves Electricity: The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System has very low power consumption.
  • Prevents stoppage time: No leakage, corrosion or explosions
  • Guaranteed performance: Works in all weather conditions
  • Saves on installation costs: Light and easy-to-fit components
  • Save on maintenance costs: Minimum fuss and labour
  • High productivity levels: Produces hot water all day and night