Hybrid Atomic Energy Generator

  • Hydrogen Water Generator
    Hydrogen-rich water is proven to be positively impact health.
  • Resonate Water Generator
    Low frequency Resonate water opens up the pathways for oxygen to penetrate body cells in maintaining the optimum healthy state.
  • 5 Seconds Instant Hot Water Supply
    This product uses SEERS core Nano hydro isolation water heating technology. Instant preboil water is continuously available within 2-5 seconds as and when is required.
  • Innovation Technology, Safe to drink
    Thorough sterilization during instantaneous heating process, this product overcome traditional water dispensers disadvantages such as low temperature, reboiling, furring and other impurities metal particles.
  • Health, Safety, Energy Saving and Eco Friendly
    All components in this product is complied to relevant country drinking water health and safety standard. The power consumption saving is approximately 98% for standby state and 50% energy saving compares with other traditional dispenser for keeping warm state.

Product FAQ

What sort of water is Atomic Water?

Atomic Water is water from SEERS Hybrid Atomic Energy Generator that infused hydrogen into the water that acts as antioxidant properties. Moreover, the water inside SEERS Hybrid Atomic Energy Generator has been exposed to low frequency resonator to make the water molecules become micro cluster molecules.

Why do we need to take Atomic Water?

Because Atomic Water is hydrogen-rich water that has very powerful antioxidant that helps in neutralizing free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, which is a cause of most illnesses and premature aging. Due to hydrogen known as the smallest element in the universe and with help of low frequency resonator that making the water molecules turn to micro-cluster molecules, it can penetrates parts of the body where other antioxidants cannot reach, such as the neurons and the cell nuclei and Atomic Water is the only water can penetrate to your blood cells that bring antioxidant into your blood cells.

When and how much Atomic Water should I drink?

You can drink Atomic Water at any time of the day. The recommended daily water intake is between 1 to 3 litres. We recommend that you drink only Atomic Water, although anything more than one glass a day will be highly beneficial for regulating your oxidation level.

Can babies, pregnant woman and the elderly drink Atomic Water?

Yes. The only effect of Atomic Water is to help in maintaining a suitable oxidation level for good health. It has no contraindications..

Can pets drink Atomic Water?

Yes. However, you must change their Atomic Water at least once daily, because after six hours it starts losing the hydrogen charge.

What is the pH value of Atomic Water?

Atomic Water is pH neutral. It can be consumed without any burden to the body. (Note: The pH scale measures acidity or alkalinity.)

For how long does hydrogen remain in the water after it has been poured?

Hydrogen escapes easily once the water has been poured. You are therefore advised to consume Atomic Water as soon as possible after pouring the water. You can use water container such as water tumbler to store the Atomic Water but you have to close the cap tightly to store the contents of an unfinished Atomic Water. To minimise the escape of hydrogen, you are advised to drink Atomic Water directly from the Seers Hybrid Atomic Energy generator. The Atomic Water inside the generator container can last up to 8 to 10 hours. It is advisable to press the hydrogen indicator after 10 hours to make sure you get the optimum hydrogen concentration in the Atomic Water.

What temperature that suitable to drink Atomic Water?

Atomic Water can be drink in any temperature. It is advisable to drink Atomic Water at 45°C that have been advised by a professor from Tokyo University of Medical Science as the temperature has health benefits to our body and it is not advisable to go higher than 45°C because it will make the hydrogen molecule lose its concentration.

Why does Atomic Water give us more energy?

When our level of oxidation is high, the body refuses to convert food into energy, because this further increases the oxidation. Due to high rich hydrogen content in our Atomic Water which is antioxidant properties, it helps to adjust the level of oxidation in the body, which enables food to be converted into energy, instead of being stored as fat.

Does Atomic Water can improve my metabolism rate and immune system?

Yes. It has been studied that hydrogen content from Atomic Water has effectiveness in increasing the preventive for metabolic syndrome and immune system.

Is there any side effects or indication that can be harmful when drinking the Atomic Water?

There are no side effects that harmful for your body when drinking our Atomic Water.

Can I drink Atomic Water with my medicine?

Yes. No adverse reactions have been reported in interactions between Atomic Water and medication.

Can I put Atomic Water in the refrigerator?

Yes, but you must put it in glass bottles which are hermetically sealed and have no air gap, so that it does not lose the hydrogen while it cools.

Does Atomic Water taste different from normal water?

When you drink the Atomic Water, you will notice it has a more atomized, lighter in taste, so it does have a subtly different flavour.

What is the best way to transport and store Atomic Water?

You can store it in a glass bottle, hermetically sealed and with no air gap can be transported or kept at home without losing its hydrogen molecules.

Does Seers Hybrid Atomic Energy Generator purify water?

No, which is why you must use “water appropriate for human consumption with a very low mineralization”, to protect the generator and your health.

What are the electrodes in hydrogenator made of and does it produce chlorine?

Platinum coated electrolyte membrane. Thus, by using this platinum coated electrolyte membrane to release hydrogen, it will not release chlorine that is harmful for human body.

Some hydrogen water generator in the market are said to be not requiring electricity supply, how is it possible?

As magnesium reacts with water and generates hydrogen, some manufacturers develop (food grade) magnesium hydrogen water generator. This is the “magnesium rod method” that does not require electricity. However, hydrogen molecules generated from magnesium reaction with water is unstable, and excessive magnesium ion in water can cause enormous burden on kidneys. This method has been banned globally years ago.

What is the maintenance involved in SEERS Hybrid Atomic Energy Generator?

There is no monthly maintenance involve. However, you need to change the hydrogenator and low-frequency resonator device within 800 hours upon usage.

What does “ppm” mean and how much it is in Atomic Water?

“ppm” stands for “parts per million” and is a unit that expresses concentration or ratio. It is used here to indicate the concentration of hydrogen in Atomic Water. 1.3mg/l = 1.3ppm. 1.4mg/l, or 1.4ppm※, is the ratio of dissolved hydrogen in  Atomic Water.

Model Specification

Model STF-V11
Rated Power 2200 – 2600 W
Power Rate 220-240 volt
Capacity 4 Liter/td>