The World’s First Eco-friendly Hybrid Technology With Only 12-Volt DC Power

The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System is the world’s first eco-friendly hybrid technology that enables users to enjoy hot water that is powered by an easy-to-operate 12 Volt DC system. The system incorporates a revolutionary technology that offers an efficient heat transfer technique, where energy is extracted from the ambient air to produce hot water without the use of heating elements, electric boosters or hermetic compressors. Using only 12-Volt DC power consumption, the system is not only cost effective, but is also very safe to use.

A Cleaner, Healthier And Cooler Environment For Future Generations


Energy saving
Free energy is extracted from the air.


Guaranteed performance
Works in all weather conditions.


Power saving
Very low electrical power consumption.


Saves on repair costs
No compressor or heating elements to service.


Environmentally friendly
Restores cool air to environment.


Saves on installation costs
Light and easy to install.


No stoppage time
No leakage, corrosion or explosions.


Saves on maintenance costs
Minimum fuss and labour.


Saves on repair costs
No compressor or heating elements to service..


High productivity levels
Produces hot water all day and night..

Company Profile & Strategy for Advancement

SEERS Sdn Bhd is established in 2008 and it specialises in water heating systems. It is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia that embarks on product and business development of its innovative eco-friendly electrical appliances. Research and development is the cornerstone of SEERS’s philosophy in technological innovation capability. The company maintains continuous research and development to enhance eco-friendly innovations that produce hot water by natural heat convection.

SEERS Technology Sdn Bhd is the inventor and manufacturer of its signature SEERS DC Water Heater System that uses its international patented 12 Volt driven heat extraction technology. This world-renowned application was filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) under the title “Apparatus for Heating Water and Methodology Thereof”.